Gabriella Montez (startofsomethin) wrote in hsdramatics,
Gabriella Montez

Troy/Gab RP

Gabriella sat on her four poster bed, flipping through a rather large textbook on scientific terms. Her mother was busy downstairs cooking in the kitchen after a long day of work.

Gabby withdrew a long breath. No matter how hard she tried, she absoloutely could not focus. No studying was helping her anymore. She could not get one thing off of her mind.

She might as well attempt to take a nap. Nothing was helping anymore, but when she could sleep, she could dream. And she would only let dreams exist there. She changed her alarm clock to wake her up in an hour and cleared her bed of books and papers. Quietly clicking off her bedside lamp, she layed down for a rest.

..When she heard the doorbell ring.
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