Gabriella Montez (startofsomethin) wrote in hsdramatics,
Gabriella Montez

Day of Championships and Callbacks

This RP's for the whole comm! ♥♥
Since many of the comm are busy this weekend, this 'day' of the rpg can last until we're all satisfied with the outcome of the rp. Just please try and keep it going.

Gabriella sat in first hour, her leg nervously bouncing up and down, and although her movements could show that she was nervous, her face attempted to remain cool and calm. Her hair wasn't a mess, nor the makeup she applied this morning. Actually, she looked more neat and collected than she normally did. All of her books were in order from size, her largest Biology texbook on the bottom, stacking to her smallest notecard booklet. See, when Gabriella is nervous, she gets so nervous she makes it a point to not LOOK like she's nervous. She turns into a perfectionist basically, but if something or someone helps ease her nerves, she's not that bad.
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