Gabriella Montez (startofsomethin) wrote in hsdramatics,
Gabriella Montez



We really most def. need a Zeke.

Poor Sharpay :( <333

And we also need a Jason for ickle Kelsi.

So all those comm stalkers out there, AUDITIONNNNNNNN!

loooove, allie
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It's nekoluvr3, reporting for duty as Zeke Baylor! :) My AIM is Bballchef32, FYI, I am so excited! Hehe. I might, (keyword=might), have recruited a potential audtioner-person for Jason if she can. :) Haha.

So... um, this is my first LJ RPG, um, I am usually on AIM, so if anyone had the time, could we chat to kinda infrom me of the basic FAQ? Thanks! :) Lmao. ^.^ Well, yeah. I'll await a reply...
Hey i already answered some of your FAQ right? I hope so...but my keyboard is now sticky from me eating 2 oranges while tring to type...its not that sticky but still..
*nods happily* You answered most of it! lol, so, Thanks a bunch! Haha, hope you enjoy those oranges! ;)
I did I got to do a powerpoint on Queen Cleopatra VII.