Gabriella Montez (startofsomethin) wrote in hsdramatics,
Gabriella Montez

A new Zeke! whooooooooooooooooooot!

Please welcome Jesi to hsdramatics, because she's pretty much the coolest person ever.


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OHMIGOD I pretty much love you now! YAY Shar won't be lonely no more!
Haha! :) *bows* Thank you, thank you. Lmao. jk jk. ^.^ I won't get anything up tonight, but I promise I'll probably jump in tomorrow, hehe, yay for Sharpay not being alone! Haha. It's awesome to join, heh.

The ironic part is that Sharpay tells Zeke to evaporate cuz he's tall.. and I'm rly short, lol. So, I'm gonna play around with height at some point, hehe. ^.^ Love it! :)

Well, until tomorrow!!

Sharpay's short and I'm really tall :-D My spiky hair adds about two inches to my height ;-)

I replied in the after party thing, rly quick, haha, hope its right :)
Welcome aboard! Now if only Chad would get back on.... -sigh-
Lol, I'm sure he will soon! Hehe, god, this is fun and I haven't rly done much, haha.
Lol I had to leave a message...its werid Taylor is kind of short compared to Chad and he is shorter than Zeke and I am really tall standing at 5'10''.
Wow. 5'10"? Here is where you laugh: I'm a Freshman standing at 4'10" and a half. Lol. I am ALMOST 4'11"!! Haha
lol I know someone who was that tall...last year it was a senior...I'm a junior right now.
Hello everyone. I'm back. Sorry for the long delay. I was in the school musical, it just ended, and I've been busy as hell. I will promise to be more active, but I am happy we have a new Zeke!! Now if only we could find a Jason...
^.^ Heh, I actually auditioned for Jason but was told Sharpay needed a Zeke kinda more, lol. :) But my friend who is like equally hyper, addicted to HSM, and good at writing might be checking this out this weekend, so I hope she can audition for Jason. :) Lol.
ooooooh, a zeke! Yay. Welcome zeke. I am playing ryan. =DD
Cool! Hi! Lol, nice to meet cha! ;) =3



September 29 2007, 13:42:10 UTC 9 years ago

do u like crembala



September 29 2007, 13:40:41 UTC 9 years ago

hi gabby is it fun in high school musical do u like sharpay



September 30 2007, 12:08:21 UTC 9 years ago

u will be fine


October 14 2007, 17:35:21 UTC 9 years ago

i love you vanessa an hudgens and zac efron **************
vanessa ann hugens you rock your singing voice is great i wish i could be you