Hey everyone its Rachel (For everyone who is...slow...I play Taylor) I won't be on much this week, due to its the week of my school's play. And things will be crazy for if I'm not on thats why. But as soon as Next Sunday hits, things will slow down for me and I will be able to be on more...just so you all know where I dissapeared off to. Its just a heads up..

with troy


Hey you guys, sorry for being pretty much absent the whole week, but Grease has been going on (amazingly!)

But prolly after this wednesday, I should be on helluva lot more.

I love you guys!

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Hello Everyone! It's Lauren. Just wanted to let people know that I will be gone from Friday to sometime Wednesday afternoon. I am a senior in hs, and we have our senior class trip to Disney World, and it starts tomorrow. I am so excited *does happy dance* anyway, I am sure that I will not be anywhere near a computer until late Wednesday, so no updates. I will miss everyone, and see you when I get back!! --Lauren
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We really most def. need a Zeke.

Poor Sharpay :( <333

And we also need a Jason for ickle Kelsi.

So all those comm stalkers out there, AUDITIONNNNNNNN!

loooove, allie
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Just a Heads up....

Hello, everyone. It's Lauren (for anyone who's slow, I play Chad). I just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be around much this Thurday through Monday. Our school has a little vacation, but we leave early. My Family, My Best Friend's family and I are going up to Vermont's Killington & Pico ski resorts, some of the best in the country. Anyway, I'm not sure how often (or if it all) I'll be able to get on the internet. I will try, but probably no updating until Monday or Tuesday. Just wanted to let you guys know. Hope to see you soon!

Hugs by the thousands,

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Okay you guys...

I'm not going to turn psycho bitch mod, or like take away your char if you don't update before a certain time (As a few think I should) Just for real, please please please update. I know you may have a life unlike myself, just please, do it. I'll love you forever if you do regularly. And if you don't, you're def. a wet blanket on my fire of fun. And that makes me sad.

much love,


P. S. If this continues, I may just get psycho bitch mod on you, especially during production week of grease, no one wants to get on my bad side during production week, for real.
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