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Chad Danforth

The plotting....

Well everyone, me & Taylor did some rp'ing over AIM, and we did how Taylor & Chad are plotting. Here's what we came up with.

The Plan & Plotting

Taylor was in the chemistry lab working on some homework as she was reading about something or another she wasn't really paying attention. She was just reading a book, not doing her homework.

Chad entered the chemistry club with Zeke & Jason. This was not a place where he usually spent a lot of time, but he had to do this for the good of Troy. It would get him more focused on the upcoming basketball game. "Hey," he said, coming up to Taylor, "We need to talk." he told her seriously.

Taylor jumped a bit at the sudden voice of Chad who got her attention. "Why?" She asked looking seriously confused. It wasn't every day she saw Chad and his basketball friends in the Chemistry lab especially during free period.

"Well, something really's weird going on with Troy," Chad told her. "Since he auditioned for the musicale, and spending more time with Gabriella. We need him to focus on the basketball game, not on the musical," He said, sensing she might be having the same problem with Gabriella.

"What do you want me to do about this? Its not like Gabriella is on the Scholastic Decatholan team" Taylor said closing her book and crossing her arms over her chest as she sat down on a stool.

"Yeah, but don't you want her on the Scholastic Decatholan team?" he asked her. "I think we could help each other with our seperate goals."

"And how in the world do you suggest we do that?" She asked as she got thinking she did want Gabriella on the team. Maybe they could help each other.

"Well, I know I could say things to Troy that would make him forget about the musicale," he told her. "But I don't know how to convince Gabriella that he doesn't care about callbacks or her anymore." he puzzled aloud.

"And we can't have them in the same room either" Taylor said outloud as she looked around then her eyes landed on her laptop. "I might have an idea" Taylor said with slight smile on her face.

What's that?" Jason asked, speaking for the first time. Chad was also wondering what was going through Taylor's mind.

Taylor grabbed her laptop and brought it over and opened it. She had a camera with it as she explained. "Ok, try and follow me ok?" Taylor said as she started to speak. "Now if you can get Troy to say things that would make him seem like he wanted to forget about the callbacks and Gabriella. Just take this camera and push it onto the edge of my laptop like so" She said as put it on the top part of the laptop. "Then I will have a laptop set up here with Gabriella sitting infront of it and it will show Troy saying the stuff about gabriella and the callbacks, get it?" Taylor said looking that lunk head basketball boys trying to see if they understood her.

Hey, that's pretty simple," Jason said. "I could set it up," Chad volunteered. "But are you sure it will work?" Chad asked her seriously.

"If you mean the video of troy coming up to my other lap top then yes it will work. But I dunno if it will make Gabriella forget about the callbacks or that he cares about her. I guess thats the risk we take" Taylor said looking at them.

"Okay. So, are we on?" Chad asked her, wanting to confirm the plan.


"Nice," Chad said. 'More than just the plan is nice,' Chad thought to himself as he exited the room, smiling at Taylor before he left the room.

Taylor watched them leave as she smiled to herself. "Perfect" She said softly.

*cut to the next morning*

Chad came out from his 'hiding' place behind a pillar at school the next morning. He saw Taylor coming up the stairs, and motioned for her to come toward him.

Taylor looked around before she bent down and lifted her backpack up the stairs as she rolled over to him. She looked around nervously.

"Okay, my watch is 7:05 Mountain Standerd Time, we synched?" Chad asked her, realizing he sounded a little weird, but in his head it had sounded perfect.

"Whatever" Taylor said moving some hair out of her eyes as she looked at him.

"Okay, so we're a go mode for lunch period exactly 12:05." he told her.

"Yes Chad we're a go" She said as she waved a hand infront of his face. "But we're not Charlies Angels ok?" She said as she got her laptop out of her backpack and in her arms.

"I can dream, can't I?" Chad asked, a little insulted, as he looked at her face. 'Man, it's so pretty,' he thought to himself. 'Wait! Now's not the time to be thinking about that!' he seriously told himself.

Taylor rolled her eyes as she handed her laptop to him. "ugh" She muttered as she looked at him as she zipped up her backpack. 'I love his hair' she thought to herself as she looked at him. 'Wait, stop that right now Taylor McKessie, you hate basketball dudes...right right' Taylor told herself in her head over and over.

Chad smiled as he walked away. He told himself not to look at her, because it would just distract him. After he had his best friend back, than he could concentrate on what he was going to do about these feelings.

Taylor stormed off as she smiled to herself in the inside she told herself not to look back at him as she would mostliky not know what to do. She was going to try and get Gabriella on the Scholastic Decatholan Team soon hopefully. After thats she would deal with these werid feelings.

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Aww... They're so cute.. =D

So, do you guys want to rp the whole 'ploy' with each other, meaning troy and chad, and taylor and gab? or do you just want to not really add anything to it and just post about it? You guys decide!