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twinkle town

main cast

High School Dramatics..[a.high.school.musical.rpg]
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The following Characters for audition are;
Mrs Darbus...
Coach Jack Bolton...
Zeke Baylor...
Jason Cross...
We REALLY are missing out on the fun of a Jason in the rp...
If you don't know who Jason is, he's basically a character you can do whatever you want with, seeing as not much was mentioned about him in the movie, other than being sorta slow, ('How was your summer, Mrs. Darbus?'), being on the basketball team, and being attracted to Kelsi (Final hoop shot to begin 'We're all in this Together')

Any other characters not mentioned in this list or the list below are also available for audition. We're sort of weary of original characters right now, so if you'd REALLY like to audition with an original character, you're perfectly welcome to, but you may not be accepted right away. I'd much rather have people audition for available characters.

Following Characters currently taken;
Troy Bolton
Gabriella Montez
Kelsi Nielson
Sharpay Evans
Taylor McKessie
Ryan Evans
Chad Danforth
Zeke Baylor

This community is based off of the Disney Channel Movie Musical, 'High School Musical.' This community is the first and original HSMRPG. It is new, but please attempt to keep things organized and read all.

If you would like to audition for a certain character, please make a comment here, and a short example paragraph. Be sure to include which character you would like to play, why, and any past roleplay experiences, and if you don't have a normal OOC journ, please leave an email addy or aim sn. Thanks!

Once you join the roleplay, as a member, if you want to tell the comm something, or want to rp over the front page, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it friends only, or it will most likely be deleted.. Unless it's for the mass public.
As of now, we're probably going to be doing most of our Third Person roleplay over aim, so once accepted, please make sure your aim is in check. You might even want to get a different sn for your character, but that's up to you.

We take no credit for the characters off of which this roleplay is based. We are merely a little bit more enthusiastic than the normal fans.

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